Remote Patient Management

What is RPM?

Remote Patient Management (RPM) is the set of technologies and practices enabling healthcare providers to keep track real-time changes in a patient’s health data from a distance and use it in a treatment plan. It’s an integral component of the broader telehealth industry & e-health domain.


Reduce Re-admissions


Reduce Emergency


Improve Patient Satisfaction


Cut Costs Of Care


Improve Medication Compliance

Key Components of RPM System

RPM allows for real-time patient management and care coordination outside of a healthcare setting, facilitating more effective health management and better outcomes.

What is Clifix RPM Solution?

Hospital Based Solution

RPM allows doctors/nurses to manage and collect vital signs through connected devices enabling medical centers to deliver timely care.

Home Based Solution

RPM improves effectiveness of home visits through automated vitals collection & telehealth to manage patients in between visits.

Here's how it works!

Most patients report that they would be willing to wear technology for health tracking. Clifix makes an enriching experience for healthcare providers as well as for patients leveraging the advanced intelligent use of technology.

Key Features of Clifix RPM

Calendars & AI scheduling

Remote vital monitoring

AI for health alerts

Decision support

E-prescription & delivery

Staff e-health management

Report module

Analytics module



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